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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  April 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. we begin with breaking news. at near liberty road and the beltway, it looks like a b g e truck has flipped over. rescue crews are on the scene. no word on the cause or the condition of anyone inside the vehicle. a long-awaited arrest in the murder of a 16-year-old girl, and the suspect gets his day in court.
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16-year-old phylicia barnes body was found in the susquehanna river about one year ago, and now michael johnson is headed to court. david collins has more. >> good afternoon. the suspect, michael johnson has a bail hearing. there is another strange twist in the case. johnson has two attorneys. his father hired katherine flynn, the same investigator suspended this week could tell attorney -- week's attorney. johnson's longtime attorney considers hiring flynn a conflict of interest. this source says phylicia barnes died from the fixation. johnson was seen with a large container around the time she
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disappeared. johnson's attorney says his client maintains his innocence, and police rushed to judgment in a circumstantial case. david collins, wbal tv of revenues. >> thank you. the state's attorney is involved in the investigation against the lead investigator in the disappearance. daniel nicholson's suspension came this week, when sources say his team lead and on authorize raid into an apartment. >> this is a matter that is completely separate them that which is currently under investigation. if i thought for a moment that any of the allegations involving him impacted on this case, we would not have brought it. >> fred bernstein also denies
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there was anything unusual about the indictment of the case, and the daniel nicholson case have been so close sit there. according to police reports, and 18-month-old was stabbed five times. we are told she had a kitchen knife in her handbag. officials released a statement outlining new measures. people will now have to store bags in lockers before going inside social services buildings, and there will be two caseworkers present in cases where officials think a child might be in danger. >> we have a nice day in store. it is a little breezy. temperatures with sunshine are moving through the 50's, towards the 60 foot tall, and this evening we have a baseball game
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-- 60's, and this evening we have a baseball game. what will the weather be like? just after 7:00, temperatures in the 50's, and fair skies. by the time the game ends, temperatures will drop into the 40's. all in all, fair weather for the game today. that will not necessarily be the case for the saturday game. >> thank you. anne arundel county school teacher charged with having sex with three students will learn his fate shortly. sentencing is scheduled for 30- year-old jeffrey sears, who attorneys say had encounters both on and off of the glen burnie campus. he taught english and was the boys' basketball coach since 2006. he was convicted of murder, now george huguely is being sued. he was convicted of killing yeardley love, and according to
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"the daily progress" love's mother is suing. george huguely is expected to be sentenced on august 30. the jury recommended 26-year prison sentence. in commitment 2012, it seems to be the beginning of the end for republican presidential candidate newt gingrich. while he is officially in the race, he has lost his privilege to secret service protection. the former speaker is expected to end his campaign formally next tuesday. new allegations and more trouble for u.s. secret service -- first it was columbia, not accusations of strippers and prostitutes being hired in a different trip abroad. >> there are new reports of misconduct by u.s. secret service agents, this time in el
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salvador last year. about one dozen agents parted with strippers at a club and paid for sexual favors. those are among the allegations in a report by a seattle television station which sites sources as an unnamed government contractor who worked extensively with the advance team, and a strip club owner. >> we will certainly not comment upon rumors or speculation in the media on this incident or other potential incidences. >> the secret service issued this statement. any information that can be assessed as credible will be followed up on it inappropriate manner. the report came after the common security secretary assured lawmakers the columbia incident was likely isolated. >> we will not allow the actions of a few to tarnish the proud legacy of the service. >> allegations a more
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inappropriate behavior is causing all four. >> that a few of them would tarnish and tainted image of the secret service in this way, or anyway, but in this way it is particularly disgusting. >> we need a thorough investigation, not just by the white house, but by congress appeared >> the report also alleges that agents from the fbi and the drug enforcement agency also frequent the club. both agencies say if the acquisitions are proven to be true, swift action will be taken. >> maryland could soon offer gamblers won more place to play the slots with legislators awarding a casino license to rocky gap lodge resort in allegheny county, part of an effort to give the resort a financial boost. the decision goes to the state board of public works for a final review. george zimmerman told a judge he
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was broke. terms are he was not telling the whole truth. new developments in the case sent our web site could have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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>> yes. that is a piano being thrown off of a roof. it happen? the -- at the massachusetts institute -- it happened at the massachusetts institute of technology. it is the last day you can drop class's on your transcript. the tradition goes back to 1972. more twists in the case against george zimmerman. his lawyer says he is sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars. he is out on bail in the shooting death of trayvon martin and was out on a $150,000 bond, because his lawyer found out he was broke, but he brought in a lot of cash from a website he set out to raise money. today marks the one-year anniversary of one of the most violent tornado outbreaks ever recorded, with at least 350
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confirmed across the south and midwest. one of the hardest-hit towns was in alabama where 53 people lost their lives did hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed -- lives. hundreds of homes and businesses were destroyed michael phelps said it missed the past couple of years might not have been great for him, but he is ready for a comeback. he is training hard. when he has to say about this year's games straight ahead. >> we have plenty of sunshine around here, but out to the west, a new storm developing, and more rain in the forecast. we will be telling all in the beginning moment. here's a look -- de tell it all in a moment. i was paying too much with cable.
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>> today marks the last flight of the space shuttle and surprise. the shuttle left from march and, d.c., to new york city, this morning, -- washington, d.c., this morning, to new york city. its final destination and permanent rest will -- resting place, the intrepid sea, air, and space museum. just 91 days until the start of the london olympics. after what he calls a lackluster few years, michael phelps seems to be back in gear. some of the country's best swimmers were in indianapolis for a warm-up. michael phelps cruised to a when a man beating his biggest rival,
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ryan lochte, by three whole seconds. >> my results have been terrible. i'm swimming well. i feel like the old me. that is the biggest thing. i am more relaxed now than i have been throughout my entire career. i think that is showing. i am able to feel like a kid again. >> great to see him back. trials begin june 25 in omaha, nebraska. the 2012 nfl draft continues today with the second and third round. the baltimore ravens were supposed to pick 29, but traded their pick to minnesota. stanford quarterback andrew luck was the first overall pick. no surprise there. the washington redskins followed
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with a quarterback robert griffin !! -- iii. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast john collins. >> the parting storm has produced winds that are cold enough that they're getting lake effect snow in new york. it is in the 50's here, but it is chilly there. there is a new storm out to the west. it will not be a disaster, but it will include part of our weekend. the pollen count is in the high range, 135. 407 is in the moderate range. as far as temperatures statistics, we are above-normal, 2.7 above normal for the month. precipitation, we have begun some catching up.
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we have almost two inches of rain for the month, but leaves us just about 0.75 inches below normal. the rain in the forecast is not totally bad news. we will likely catch up before we finish the month. temperatures are kind of cool. we are only in the 50's appeared close to 60 and southern maryland. 48 in westminster. frederick 52. oakland is only 36 degrees right now. we have some chilly air. in new york state to have like effect snow, the we have these clouds drifting into our area. lake effect clouds, i guess you could say, from the chilly air in pennsylvania and over the great lakes. the storm itself is over the maritime parts of canada. that has departed. here is the developing storm out west. part of this will in fact part of your weekend.
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today, mostly sunshine, 60-to-65 for the high. some of you might not get out of the 50's near the maryland line. wind is gusting to 25 miles an hour. a small craft advisory on the day. a 3 ft. chop on the open waters of the state. overnight, it gets chilly. in the blue-shaded counties, hartford, baltimore, and al west, a freeze watch is in effect. -- out west, a freeze watch is in effect. your futurecast android today, but by saturday, we get -- futurecast -- dry today, but by saturday, we get some rain chances. sunday looks like a good day. 61 today. optimistically. some of you will probably be
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stuck in the 50's. 57 saturday. a lot more clouds. are arrangements. maybe an early shower sunday. we should break into the sunshine. temperatures climb next week. tuesday, into early-wednesday, we might pick up some scattered storms, but by the end of the week we will be around 80 for the high. >> in today's medical alert, we have heard that women live longer than men, but the gap is closing. women are still expected to live four years longer, but while the life span of meant increased by 4.6 years, a thing else had an increase of only 2.7 years since 1999. researchers say women are not taking care of high blood pressure as well as men and they are not encouraged to take medication to prevent heart disease. prescription medications during pregnancy has some where it, but
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new research shows the exact risks are not known. women taking anti-depressants were steady, and researchers saw an increase in malformations among babies whose mothers took more than one anti-epileptic drug. at the depressants were associated with premature birth and respiratory problems jason siegel is noted for his role in romantic comedies and is getting a screenplay credit. we have your box office preview. >> i got a job for two years. >> two years is nothing. >> they walked to the altar to say the tory and the "five-year engagement." first, the job takes them to michigan, then there is a dent in the family and other roadblocks.
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it was -- and there is a death in the family, and another roadblock. >> you are referring to a work of fiction. >> i am afraid i am not. >> jen to set plays edgar allan poe in the "de ravens part of the story becomes too real. it is rated r. >> senator will pirate? >> obviously. -- had an actual pirate? >> obviously. >> the animated feature follows the pirate and a quest to secure the most coveted prize of all. it is rated pg. punching people for justice in "safe" a fighter on the run from the mafia. when the mobsters take on a 12-
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year-old girl, he protected, but she is much more than a school girl. she knows secret codes. that is the box office preview. >> something tells me i'm going to see that pirate movie. coming up next, your lottery numbers,
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x tonight, the state is taking drastic steps to protect our most of and both children in the wake of the disturbing attack when a mother stabbed her baby. one year after phylicia barnes was found dead, her accused killer is under arrest. he is in court, and so are we. a vote is expected on a gop bill that would keep some stood in long rates the same, instead of doubling them. the question is, how are we going to pay for it? now you're maryland lottery midday numbers. ♪ the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> here are your picked three numbers. 4 9 7 497.
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we will get to your pick 4 in a moment, but first, this is your favorite lottery retail empire now for your chance to double or triple your winnings. bob diamond is ready. 1 7 1 1 1711 -- the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> john, and it is back with another nice day today, but not so much tomorrow. >> will be flip-flopping. was not a great day yesterday. today, the sunshine is out. tomorrow, a range has. the should be out of the picture by sunday morning. then, rain chance by the middle of next week toward >> thank
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you. have a great weekend. thank you for being with
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